Thursday, June 8, 2017

MMS Palooza

Get excited for the MMS Palooza, on June 14. The MMS Palooza is a fun day filled with games and treats. The 7th grade has been hard at work to put together this fantastic event. They planned everything from the layout of the field to the games. They also organized the scavenger hunt, which is currently happening right now. Every morning, a scavenger hunt clue is revealed on the announcements. The Palooza group that gets the points from the clues gets a pizza party. On the day of Palooza, there will be games such as cornhole, ladder ball, and much more to celebrate the end of the year. There will also be ice cream at the end!

Written by Molly Neale

Musical Education

Have you ever performed in front of a crowd?  Well, almost everyone at MMS has!  The trip to the Music Adjudication was a success!  Both the Chorus and the Band played and were awarded very highly.  The sixth grade chorus got gold, seventh grade chorus got platinum, eighth grade chorus got platinum, and select choir got platinum.  The sixth grade band got gold, seventh grade band got platinum, eighth grade band got gold, and the jazz band got platinum.

Also, a special shout-out to the 6th and 5th graders who performed, as it was their first time.  After the adjudication, the group was shipped off to Six Flags where they had tons of fun on the thrilling rides and rollercoasters!

Written by Bobby Doherty

5th Grade Art Club

5th grade art club is an awesome, after school club because you can finish a work of art that you are in the process of completing or create free drawings. The main project we are working on is making an animal with wire and paper mache. Our next step is painting the creature to really bring it to life! Or make your own creative colored creature (you can use any kind of paint colors you want to use.)

I finished my animal project, it was a wise owl. Now I can make my own creative art. These are our activities until it is time to go home on the late bus or be picked up.

These are the numerous reasons to join art club. Let your imagination fly free!

Written by Gabrielle Ferrara