Monday, May 22, 2017

Life is Busy. So,... Stress Less!

About 3 weeks ago,  Ms. Selinger’s Wednesday lunch group, Stress Less, took a field trip to the Velvet Mill.  They experienced many different tranquil activities, such as learning about soothing pressure points, taking a yoga class, and learning about oils that relieve stress.  “I had a lot of fun and learned a lot.”  6th grader Bobbie Doherty said.  “It was definitely a stress-relieving experience."  This day was nice to expand our coping tool box.  Meaning that we discussed a lot of strategies and are always looking for more.

"I also really enjoyed learning about the Velvet Mill,”  Ms. Selinger added.  She also commented that she enjoyed the yoga the most and it seemed that the students did too. The one downfall to the trip was that the bakery, Zest, was CLOSED!  At the yoga studio, they worked on mindfulness and calming breathing.  They learned about dream catchers and other mystical things at the Wise Old Owl and watched as pressure points got shown and explained.  They would like to thank the driver and everyone at the Velvet Mill.

Want to join Stress Less?  Talk to Ms. Selinger, Room 216.

Written by: Bobbie Doherty

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