Thursday, June 8, 2017

MMS Palooza

Get excited for the MMS Palooza, on June 14. The MMS Palooza is a fun day filled with games and treats. The 7th grade has been hard at work to put together this fantastic event. They planned everything from the layout of the field to the games. They also organized the scavenger hunt, which is currently happening right now. Every morning, a scavenger hunt clue is revealed on the announcements. The Palooza group that gets the points from the clues gets a pizza party. On the day of Palooza, there will be games such as cornhole, ladder ball, and much more to celebrate the end of the year. There will also be ice cream at the end!

Written by Molly Neale

Musical Education

Have you ever performed in front of a crowd?  Well, almost everyone at MMS has!  The trip to the Music Adjudication was a success!  Both the Chorus and the Band played and were awarded very highly.  The sixth grade chorus got gold, seventh grade chorus got platinum, eighth grade chorus got platinum, and select choir got platinum.  The sixth grade band got gold, seventh grade band got platinum, eighth grade band got gold, and the jazz band got platinum.

Also, a special shout-out to the 6th and 5th graders who performed, as it was their first time.  After the adjudication, the group was shipped off to Six Flags where they had tons of fun on the thrilling rides and rollercoasters!

Written by Bobby Doherty

5th Grade Art Club

5th grade art club is an awesome, after school club because you can finish a work of art that you are in the process of completing or create free drawings. The main project we are working on is making an animal with wire and paper mache. Our next step is painting the creature to really bring it to life! Or make your own creative colored creature (you can use any kind of paint colors you want to use.)

I finished my animal project, it was a wise owl. Now I can make my own creative art. These are our activities until it is time to go home on the late bus or be picked up.

These are the numerous reasons to join art club. Let your imagination fly free!

Written by Gabrielle Ferrara

Saturday, May 27, 2017

10 Questions With Mrs. McGugan

We recently talked to Mrs. McGugan about some of her favorite things.

  1. What is a book that you read in school that positively shaped you? Tuck Everlasting
  2. What’s your favorite type of music? Pop, Whitney Houston and Celine Dion
  3. If you could master one instrument, what would it be? Piano
  4. Best gift you’ve ever received? My children
  5. What’s your favorite board game? Telestrations 
  6. What is the last country you visited? Mexico
  7. If you had one superpower, what would it be? To sprinkle kind caring words to all minds
  8. What’s the weirdest word in the English language? Dink (This means a “partner in a well-off working couple with no children”)
  9. Two famous people, alive or dead, that you would like to have dinner with? Eleanor Roosevelt and Hillary Clinton
  10. Why did you decide to become a teacher? My parents were teachers and I felt a connection to kids when babysitting

Written By: Molly Neale and Grace Gentilella

The MMS Art Show

Get prepared for Mystic Middle’s first Art Show on Monday, June 5. At 5:00 - 6:30 pm for grades 5 and 7, and from 7:00 - 8:30 for grades 6 and 8.

For the past year, the students have been working on a variety of different pieces of artwork and each of the students' best work has been shown. Some examples of the amazing pieces of artwork made by the 8th grade are; optical illusions, animals, and sunsets. From the 7th grade; hallway perspectives, pop-out art (2D and 3D), and hand drawings. From 6th grade; clay pots, still life, and weaving. From the 5th grade; nutcrackers, self-portraits, and clay tiles. Of course, this is just some of the things you will expect at this event and we hope to see you there. Not only that, but some of the artwork is for sale so you can have it for yourself.

Written by: Matthew Cheetham

Monday, May 22, 2017

Life is Busy. So,... Stress Less!

About 3 weeks ago,  Ms. Selinger’s Wednesday lunch group, Stress Less, took a field trip to the Velvet Mill.  They experienced many different tranquil activities, such as learning about soothing pressure points, taking a yoga class, and learning about oils that relieve stress.  “I had a lot of fun and learned a lot.”  6th grader Bobbie Doherty said.  “It was definitely a stress-relieving experience."  This day was nice to expand our coping tool box.  Meaning that we discussed a lot of strategies and are always looking for more.

"I also really enjoyed learning about the Velvet Mill,”  Ms. Selinger added.  She also commented that she enjoyed the yoga the most and it seemed that the students did too. The one downfall to the trip was that the bakery, Zest, was CLOSED!  At the yoga studio, they worked on mindfulness and calming breathing.  They learned about dream catchers and other mystical things at the Wise Old Owl and watched as pressure points got shown and explained.  They would like to thank the driver and everyone at the Velvet Mill.

Want to join Stress Less?  Talk to Ms. Selinger, Room 216.

Written by: Bobbie Doherty

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Tournament to Remember

This year, the 5th graders of MMS made a March Madness Book Tournament located at the end of the 5th grade hallway. You will find a bracket of books. Books were nominated by the students.  It also has lines showing what book(s) are against what book(s).

The bracket for "Book Madness"
In the end, It was a tie between Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper and Because of Mr. Terupt by Rob Buyea.  

We have Ms. Kepple and Mr. Salsich to thank for this awesome idea.  “It started from using March Madness in Language Arts, and we decided to turn it into a book tournament,” says Mr. Salsich, 5th grade teacher of Social Studies and Language Arts.  “I wasn’t sure.  I thought that they would like it because they didn’t have to do any work.  All that they had to do was vote.  They didn’t have to explain their vote or read the book.  And there was the competition too.” Mr. Salsich added. And how did they really react?  They had no idea what was going on!  There were a lot of questions.  Once the first round was over, however, they really began to latch on to the idea.  

“I was excited.  I liked nominating a book even though it didn’t get in," said Cate, a 5th grader at MMS.  "I thought it was a cool way to celebrate March Madness.”  

Overall, it seems that this was a great idea that will be remembered by this year’s fifth graders.

Written By Bobbie Doherty